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Is your DVR going to literally EXPLODE this week with all of your favorite shows returning?

Modern FamilyBecause I’m pretty sure mine is going to. This week begins the massive continuation of all of my favorite shows and I couldn’t be happier. I literally sit at my computer writing this right now with a giddy, childish look on my face. And not only are some of my favorites coming back, there seems to be a plethora of new shows to dive into this fall. In case any of you are interested in my madness - this is the week I’m looking forward to in TV:

Monday: How I Met Your Mother (CBS), The Playboy Club (NBC)

Tuesday: New Girl (FOX), Raising Hope (FOX)

Wednesday: The Middle (ABC), Up All Night (NBC), Free Agents (NBC), Modern Family (ABC), Law & Order SVU (NBC)

Thursday: Community (NBC), Parks & Recreation (NBC), The Office (NBC), How To Be A Gentleman (CBS), Whitney (NBC), It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FX)

Friday: Fringe (FOX)

Sunday: The Simpsons (FOX), Family Guy (FOX), American Dad (FOX), Cleveland Show (FOX)

And of course all this AND I plan on watching football as well. It’s gonna be one helluva week! I just won’t know what to do when even more of my favorite shows come back like Bones (Nov 3) and House (Oct 3). I need to increase the memory on my friggin’ DVR. Verizon - is that possible?!


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