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Movie Review: The Dictator

The Dictator

Wanna see a movie about a crazy dictator and laugh?! Well this is the movie for you. I went to see The Dictator on a day that I had some time to kill prior to meeting up with a friend. It just so happened that this movie fell within the window of time that I needed to burn prior to meeting up with him, so I saddled up a few beers in the purse and headed to my local theater to get some laughs in prior to my schlepp down to the West Village. Seeing a movie alone can be very eye opening especially since you are the only person you can really engage with throughout the flick. There is no influence that someone can have over you - it’s just you and your thoughts.

After sitting through the first half of this movie, I knew my inner-self approved. Sacha Baron Cohen does an amazing job of taking us through a day in the life of the self-obsessed Dictator Admiral General Aladeen and shows us what happens when he loses his identity while on a trip to the US. Of course no Dictator movie would be complete without a random hipster love interest as quirky as Anna Faris.

I know this movie is out of theaters, but you should all be chomping at the bit to see it once it’s out on Netflix/DVD. It was not only funny, but eye opening to the fact that America itself, though portrayed as the “land of the free”, is closer to a dictatorship than you may think. And make sure to watch through to the end of the movie, even if you don’t love it. The last speech given in the US by Admiral General Aladeen is definitely the most eye opening. Aside from its overall message, this movie is full of random celebrity cameos and “laugh ‘til you almost pee” moments. Seriously, see it. Happy Netflixing all!


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