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Movie Review: The Five Year Engagement

the five year engagement

Talk about a great combination of hysterical and cute! This movie was much better than I expected it to be for sure. Of course with its storyline being about a couple who endures multiple “hiccups” in their engagement causing it to drag out five whole years, I was not surprised by just how long my butt was stuck in my theater seat for this flick.

The Five Year Engagement is about a couple who falls in love quickly (literally after about a year of dating), gets engaged, and while in the process of planning for their wedding, endures a series of obstacles that postpone it. You name it, they probably dealt with it. Everything from deaths to other weddings to unexpected pregnancies to new job offers…this couple seems to be doomed to never say “I Do”.

Jason Segel is, per usual, hysterical in this movie. Of course he plays his typical doofy yet lovable character. Emily Blunt was pretty much terrible. But the real show-stealers were Alison Brie (from Mad Men & Community) and Chris Pratt (from Parks & Recreation). They were hysterical - I literally looked forward to their appearances throughout the movie.

So was it worth seeing this flick in theaters? NOPE. This is definitely a movie I should have waited to put in my Netflix queue sometime this fall. As funny as it was, I don’t know that it was worth spending $12 to see it. But once it’s been released on DVD, I think it’s worth a view for sure.


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